1. Open the appropriate Deposit record.
  2. For the Deposit amount, enter the total that the bank received (amount of payment, minus the credit card fee).
  3. On the Payments tab, click Add Payment.
  4. Enter the total amount of the Payment, not including the credit card fee.
  5. Enter the appropriate distribution on the GL Distribution tab> Save and Close.
  6. Create another Payment and enter a negative value in the Total amount field (for example -2.50 was the credit card fee).
  7. Enter in the appropriate information on the GL Distribution tab> Save and Close.
  8. Click Save and Close on the Deposit record.

Note: The General Ledger distribution of a Cash Receipts payment generally shows a credit distribution.  On the GL distribution tab, the negative payment will show debit to the General Ledger account instead of a credit and will debit the Cash account.

Note: The ability to import negative payments is not supported.