Error: There was an error loading a transaction into the grid. The error reported is: String not recognized as a valid DateTime - when processing records in Luminate Online plug in

When processing constituents or gifts in the Luminate Online plug in for The Raiser's Edge, some users have experienced the following error: 

Error: There was an error loading a transaction into the grid (Luminate Gift [or Constituent] ID: XXX). View the donor or gift record to troubleshoot the error. After it is resolved, contact your Administrator to requeue the transaction.

The error reported is: 
String was not recognizes as a valid DateTime.

Would you like to delete the transaction?

This error may appear for either constituents or gifts, and may appear several times.
This issue has been resolved in version 1.4.5568 of the Luminate Online plug in, available on April 16th, 2015. Download and install the latest version and patch, if applicable. 

Alternative Solution: 
  1. Ensure that Blackbaud Web Services is on version 1.4.15035.1 or above in the plug in Options > About (both web services versions should match). Update Web Services if it is not (BB748651).
  2. Log in to The Raiser’s Edge and go to Config > International
  3. Ensure the exchange rate for both Canada and the USA is entered as 1. (Check for duplicate USA or Canada entries and be sure all are set to 1)
  4. Log out of The Raiser’s Edge
  5. Change the workstation’s regional settings to English (United States) – see this solution for information on how to edit regional settings (BB520373)
  6. I would also recommend changing the regional settings on the web services machine (usually the server) to English (United States) as well
  7. Log back in to The Raiser’s Edge
  8. Process transactions in the Luminate Online plug in
  9. Note: A message will appear: You are about to create a Raiser’s Edge Batch containing gifts in currencies that differ from your system currency. The amounts entered into the Batch will be an estimation of the actual funds received. Do you wish to continue?
  10. Click Yes to this – as long as the exchange rates are set to 1 as directed in Step 2, the gift amounts will not change and will be reflected properly in Batch



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