This error appears typically when the Notepad - Type code table within The Education Edge has a value that was either changed or deleted from the code table. As a result, this information was retained on the submitted form data and produced the error. This error may also pertain to other attributes aside from the Notepad - Type code table.

To process the current form:
  1. Open the form in the NetCommunity Plugin in The Education Edge
  2. Locate a field labeled "Type"
  3. For the adjusted value, select a valid value from the dropdown
  4. Click away to a different field to save
  5. Click Process form
Next, verify the NetCommunity form on your website has the correct value:
  1. Log in to NetCommunity via [yourdomain]/login.aspx
  2. Navigate to Site Explorer -> Forms
  3. Locate the desired and click on the Pencil icon to edit the form
  4. Locate the Notepad - Type fields on the form builder and click the Pencil icon to edit
    • Note: If the value listed as a default value no longer appears in the list values this will need to be adjusted to an active value
  5. After making your changes to the field, click OK
  6. Click Save