Posted Invoice Showing Twice in General Ledger

Invoice has status of posted, but it is showing twice in the General Ledger.  See this in the Batches as well as in the General Ledger Report.
Ensure there are no miscellaneous entries for this invoice that could be adding to the distribution:
1. Open the invoice in question
2. Select the GL distribution tab
3. Toggle the view from Distribution to Miscellaneous entries
4. Confirm if any entries appear (as these would be part of the posting as well)

Ensure the entries in the General Ledger stem from that specific record and not a manual entry:
1. Run a General Ledger report on one of the accounts from the invoice in question during the time period in which the invoice posted
2. In the report results, take note of the transaction number (batch + row of batch)
3. In Journal entry, open the batch record and locate the row of the batch
4. Right click on the row > choose Go To > Source Record
5. Confirm whether this opens the same record
NOTE: If "source record" is grayed out, the entries were manually created).

If there are no entries there either Contact Support and reference this article. 


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