Information not marked as private when viewing Relation Profile Display (Education Edge)

When navigating to the Relation Profile Display (Education Edge) users may see information that should be private.
Download and install the latest version and patch if applicable.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log in as an Individual Parent and go to the Profile Form (Education Edge)
  2. Have options to mark information as private, we mark them as private.
  3. Navigate to Directory (Education Edge)
  4. Search for student in the Directory
  5. Select the student in the directory to take you to the Profile Display (Education Edge) for of the student
  6. There is a Relation Profile Display (Education Edge) under the Profile Display (Education Edge)
  7. When looking at the Relation Profile Display (Education Edge) that is under the Profile Display (Education Edge) I DO see information for the Individual Parent that we logged in as that on their Profile Form (Education Edge) they have marked as private.
  8. When viewing the Individual Parents Profile Display (Education Edge) I do not see the information that was marked as private.
  9. Verify by logging in as these individuals and edit their profile. 
  10. See that this information is indeed marked as private
  11. Determine that Relation Profile Display (Education Edge disregards information that we have marked as private and will still show this information. Unlike the Profile Display (Education Edge) which adheres to this.


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