Export contains incorrect solicitor assignments when Start Date and/or End Date filters are used

In a Constituent Export, using Start Date and/or End Date criteria when exporting Assigned Solicitor information to filter on Date from and Date to on the assigned solicitor relationship, The Raiser's Edge incorrectly outputs assigned solicitors that do not meet the criteria.
This was resolved in Raiser's Edge 7.96, which was released in fall 2016 and applied to databases in Blackbaud Hosting Services. If your database is installed locally, download and install the latest version and patch, if applicable.

If you are experiencing this issue and you are using this version or a later version:  
The start date and end date in Raiser's Edge Export define a period of time. In the example provided, when including an end date in the export field criteria the results will include any Assigned Solicitor that have a relationship end date on or before the date included. Records that are still considered active Assigned Solicitors (i.e. the Date To field is blank on the relationship record) will not be included in the Export results.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Select Export module
2. Click New Export
3. Type = Excel, format = Excel
4. Include > One record > Julie Bach (from RE Sample database)
5. Select Output tab
6. Relationships / Assigned Solicitors / Name
7. Number to export = 5
8. End Date = select today's date
9. Click OK
10. Select Date From and Date To
11. File / Preview Export File Layout
12. Note that Cynthia Miller is incorrectly listed with Date To date of 05/17/2013


 RE 7.94.6116.0

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