Transactions from BBIS are charged in BBMS, but do not appear in a CRM Batch

When accepting donations online from BBIS, the transaction should be charged through BBMS and then stored in a Batch in CRM for review. However, users are finding that the charges from BBMS intermittently do not appear in CRM under Web> Manage Web Transactions.

There may be multiple causes for this issue.  Here are troubleshooting strategies that have been used in the past.  

  1. Access Failed Transactions tab in the Web > Manage Web Transactions.  There will be a failure message that can be investigated further.  The most common of these messages relates to a missing field in the batch template, which you can edit directly from the Failed Transactions tab.  The most common scenario for this to occur would be the situation in which an attribute was added in CRM and BBIS, but the batch template was not updated to include the new attribute.  
  2. Search for an commit all uncommitted batches. (including exception batches!) 
  3. You can also access Treasury > Outstanding Credit Card Transactions page to confirm that a charged transaction really is missing from CRM. For transactions that are in Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS) but not in Blackbaud CRM, you’ll see them in the “Settlement report transactions to reconcile” section. This is dependent on using either the BBMS auto settle option or importing the reconciliation files from the payment processor. 



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