Contact information on relationships records being overwritten after processing form

After processing an Online Admission (OLA) or Online Reenrollment (ORE) form the contact information listed on the student/applicant records has been copied to the relationship records overwriting their information.  The address sharing changes in The Education Edge are causing this side effect.
In The Education Edge 7.87, patches 3-5, all contact information is no longer shared with shared addresses.  The actual physical address can still be shared between records of the same family.  When the Copy Address From option is used in The Education Edge (EE) it will copy the address (as desired) and it will copy all contact information to the record.  This brings all contact information in to the new record and it can be updated if needed without updating the original record.

The Same address as student option on school forms triggers this option in The Education Edge.  When that option is marked then the copy address feature in EE is used.  This will essentially copy the address and contact information from the student to the relationships overwriting the existing information that was present.

We addressed this issue in EE version 7.87, patch 6. Contact information will no longer be copied when addresses are copied or shared. Contact information must be added on each record individually.

Download and install the latest version and patch of The Education Edge if applicable. 


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