Dashboard panels do not appear (are missing) on Home screen if Automatic refresh interval is selected

When adding Dashboard panels to the Home screen, they do not appear on the screen if there is a value in the Automatic refresh interval field.  If this field is blank, they will load successfully.  This does not occur in the Dashboards module.
Add the dashboard panels to the Home page with a blank Automatic refresh interval, then edit it to give an Automatic refresh interval. 
  1. Go to Home > Customize Home Page > Panels.
  2. Highlight a panel under Available Panels and click Add >. 
  3. Click Edit and select the desired parameters for the Dashboard panel, but leave Automatic Refresh Interval blank.
Blank Automatic Refresh Interval
  1. Click OK. 
  2. Click OK. 
  3. Click OK. 
  4. Once the panels populate, click the new panel's Properties icon. 
Panel Properties
  1. Click Properties. 
  2. Enter the desired Automatic Refresh Interval. 
  3. Click OK. 


 Raiser's Edge 7.94, patch 0

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