Donation Amount displays as a negative number when running acknowledgements

 You may find that when running acknowledgements, the default field for Donation amount (Revenue Marketing\Amount) is displaying a negative number. For example, you may export a letter with a donation amount of $(10.00). 
This issue occurs when discounts have been applied to a sales order. The field for Donation amount (Revenue Marketing\Amount) calculates the amount of the donation minus any discounts. For example, if you had a $20 donation on your order, but $30 in discounts, this would export in your acknowledgements as $(10.00).
  1. You can output Revenue Marketing\Revenue\Amount (which would show you the total vale of the order) 
  2. To get just the value of the application you need in your letter (for example, Donation, Membership, etc.), use the field Revenue Marketing\Revenue\Application Details\Amount. For more details on adding this field, see our related Knowledgebase Solution: Query or Merge fields show total revenue amount, rather than donation amount 



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