Emails sent to all emails on constituent record in Online Express

When sending emails in Online Express, all emails of the selected (mapped) type receive emails.
Online Express will send one email to each email address that has the specified (mapped) email type, and in The Raiser's Edge 7.94 or higher is active.

For example, Robert Hernandez's constituent record, he has the following email active addresses:


If Online Express is configured to send emails to the Email phone type, then an email will be sent to each one of the email addresses above.

The exception to this is if one of the above addresses is also marked as Primary and Online Express is NOT configured to Send to ALL mapped email types for each constituent.  

To ensure that an email is sent to only one email address per record (if there are multiple emails with the same email type):
  • Mark one of the email addresses as Primary on each record and ensure it's Active (Inactive is not marked)
  • In Online Express, go to Account > Integration Options > Email mapping, unmark the checkbox Send to ALL mapped email types for each constituent
  • When Online Express displays the number of unique email addresses found, make note of the number and compare it with the number expected (or the number of records in your query)

For additional information, please refer to How does Online Express handle DNC, Primary, and Inactive settings on emails in The Raiser's Edge?


 7.94.6116, patch 0

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