Below is a description of the differences in the System Default Distribution Groups in a Participant HQ Address Book for a Kintera Thon Event.

Main Address Book
This list contains the same addresses as the All Donors list, Recent Donors, and any addresses that you have added/deleted manually.

*This distribution list is editable, so you can add new records and delete records from this list.

All Donors
Recent Donors + Past Donors (Only shows Unique records)

This list is generated whenever a Constituent credits your Participant Record regardless of current or past event.

This does not include past events that you were a participant under, as this is handled under a different distribution list.

This will include all individuals that have donated from the start of the Event to the present date.

Recent Donors
This list will only pull the donations within the current event.

*This distribution list is Event Specific.

Note: All the lists above will only show the donor name and corresponding email address once, so if the individual has donated multiple times they will only appear on the list once.

Past Donors
This list will show all donations received and will list donor names mulitiple times. Basically, it will list every donation received regardless of donor name/email address listed.

Note: This All Donors, Recent Donors, and Past Donors Lists are generated with the use of the AutoFill feature when a participant registers by using a previous years event login, which will automatically import their address book information upon completion of registration and participant record setup.