Membership card has a status of cancelled after adding a payment to a membership with an installment plan

When applying a payment to an open membership that had a member card status of issued, not printed, committing the batch changes the membership card status from issued to cancelled.

Download and install the latest patch which contains all fixes from previous patches. If you are running an older version, download and install the latest version and then the patch.


Steps to Duplicate

1.  Select add a membership from the Membership functional area
2.  Constituent = any constituent
3.  Membership program = any membership that allows an installment plan
4.  Level = any level
5.  Term = any term
6.  Create installment plan = true
7.  Click save
8.  Verify the membership card status = issued
9.  Select enter membership dues from the Membership functional area
10.  Click add
11.  batch template = membership dues batch
12.  projected # = 1
13.  projected amount = membership amount
14.  constituent = constituent from step 2
15.  what are they paying for = paying for the membership that was added with the installment plan
16.  Click next payment
17.  Click done
18.  Select the batch and click commit
19.  Verify the card status = cancelled


 Blackbaud CRM
 Service Pack 13

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