In general, the MissingRecurringGiftReference error indicates that the recurring gift has not synchronized.  Any issues with the recurring gift object will need to be resolved before the donations will sync.

There are two primary causes of the ServerSoapFaultException and TooManyTransientFailures errors that prevent recurring gifts from syncing to Luminate CRM and subsequently prevent the payments on those gifts from syncing:

1. StaleLastSuccessfulTransactionId/TooManyTransientFailures errors for Paypal/Amazon/Google recurring gifts (resolved in Luminate CRM version 12.12.1)

Recurring gifts that use PayPal as a payment type did not sync following version 12.7, and the associated donations triggered the MissingRecurringGiftReference errors as a result. This issue was resolved in the 12.12.1 release of Luminate CRM. You can rebuild the errors on the PayPal gifts and they will now sync to Luminate CRM.  You will also need to rebuild any associated MissingRecurringGiftReference errors.

2. ServerSOAPFaultException: New Recurring Gift with non-active status
Currently, recurring gifts that do not have an Active status will not sync to Luminate CRM.  This is scheduled to be resolved in Luminate CRM version 12.3. Anytime the recurring gift was immediately followed up by some form of cancellation, skip, or date change, the combined messages in the Integration would trigger the errors and failure. Once again, the associated donations also trigger the MissingRecurringGiftReference errors. The fix for this bug has also been identified and will be deployed as part of the 12.3+ release.

When Luminate Online sends messages to Luminate CRM, the Integration processes those messages as part of a batch. If any of the recurring gifts in those batches failed as a result of the two states detailed above, then the entire batch (usually 50) fails with a ServerSOAPFaultException error on each record in the batch. These records did not have any issues, but were in the same batch as other records with a problem, and they did not sync as a result. These can be resolved by rebuilding the ServerSOAPFaultException error on the recurring gift record, and then the MissingRecurringGiftReference errors on the donations can be rebuilt.

Before rebuilding any ServerSOAPFaultException errors, please check the recurring gift details to confirm that the status of the sustaining gift is currently Active. You can determine which errors to rebuild by following these steps:
1. Click the MissingRecurringGiftReference error name.
2. Click View Details for one of the errors.
3. The error detail will be in the format "Missing referenced recurring gift local:2115-6001". The last four digits (6001) is the recurring gift ID.
4. Go back to the QPM home and search for the recurring gift ID. This will return all errors associated with that gift.
5. Click View Details for errors other than the MissingRecurringGiftReference(usually ServerSOAPFaultException). The Online ID link will take you directly to the recurring gift details page where you can confirm the status and payment type.
6. First rebuild the errors on the recurring gift. Then, rebuild the MissingRecurringGiftReference errors. This will create a new recurring gift object in Luminate CRM and the donations will be added to that gift.

Please note that if any recurring gifts with errors (such as a non-active status) that are rebuilt at the same time, all other gifts in the batch will fail again. This is why the errors need to be rebuilt individually once their status is confirmed rather than using the "Rebuild All" button.

For more information on general resolution steps for QPM errors, please see Queue Problem Management: Common Error Resolution.