A high volume of donor activity from the same IP address will be blocked. This is a security measure to help prevent carding runs (fraud). Luminate Online's Velocity Fraud Control and carding runs - FAQ. The default setting is 5 declines within a 30 minute period will result in a block on that IP address for 4 hours. Here are some more details about Luminate Online's Velocity Fraud Control - Fraud Prevention Settings.

Note: For the reasons stated above, it is highly encouraged that you contact support before your fundraising event to whitelist the IP addresses that will be taking donations. The same goes for call centers that take donations over the phone.

You can determine that an IP address has been blocked by running a Transaction Detail report and include the Error Code column.
  • If you see the error code of "Declined due to Convio IP Block" or "Declined due to Luminate Online IP Block", this means that Luminate blocked the IP address. If the IP address shouldn't have been blocked, Contact Support and provide this article number.
  • If you see the error code of "Multiple attempts at using this credit card have resulted in errors. For security reasons, we cannot accept transactions using this credit card. Please contact us directly to process your transaction." This means the IP address or credit card was blocked on the BBMS side and you should contact Blackbaud Merchant Services support for this.