Phone Numbers and Email Addresses are appearing as duplicated on Constituent records after updating to 7.94

You may see multiple phone types and phone numbers on an individual constituent's Bio 1 tab in The Raiser's Edge 7.94 that did not exist in versions 7.93 and below.  This is because there is no longer the concept of relationship-specific phone numbers in individual-to-individual constituent relationships.

In The Raiser's Edge 7.94 and above, there is no longer Shared Phones or relationship-specific phone numbers for individual-to-individual or organization-to-organization relationships. As a result, any relationship-specific phone information was copied to the constituent record so that it would not be lost.

The additional Phone Numbers and Email Addresses that may appear on the Bio1 or Org 1 tabs of Constituent records are coming from any relationship-specific phone information entered on Relationships and their corresponding Reciprocal Relationships.

NOTE: If upgrading directly from 7.93 or below to 7.95 or above, Reciprocal Relationship phone numbers are marked inactive when moved to the Bio 1 tab, and the Comments field is populated with the source of phones from relationships and alternate addresses. This leads to less phone number duplication than when upgrading to 7.94. For more information on 7.95, see our 7.95 Resources in the Community

These images are a side-by-side view of the same constituent record before and after the update to version 7.94:

JD side by side

In version 7.94, Joseph Diresta appears to have an additional Business phone number (205-568-1298), as well as an additional Cell Phone number (888-895-6321) on the Telephone Numbers tab. On the Email Addresses tab in 7.94, there are now two different Email addresses with the addition of Email:

JD Telephones 794           JD Emails 794

Each of these entries came directly from Joseph's reciprocated individual relationship with his spouse, Angela, who is also a cons.  To find these entries, I went to Angela's Constituent record > Relationships tab > Opened the relationship with Joseph Diresta.  

Joseph and Angela 793

In the above image, you can see that the relationship record is linked to Joseph Diresta's constituent record (since his Biographical information is grayed out).  In the Phones/Email/Links grid, the Business phone number of 205-568-1298, Cell Phone of 888-895-6321, and Email of all appear.  These are relationship-specific numbers/emails.

How to correct these records:
Manually visit the records to determine which phone/email types to update.  When updating the phone/email types, consider the following options:
  • Marking the "extra" phone types as Inactive
  • Changing the Type to a different selection.  For example, change Home to Previous Home.  Or change an extra Email to Relationship Email.
  • Deleting the entry if it is no longer necessary to keep. For more information on deleting the number from a group of records, see How to globally delete phone numbers or email addresses
Other circumstances that result in duplicated phone types on records are:
  • Duplicate phone records created after processing profile updates from NetCommunity transactions (BB754898)
  • Copy Preferred Address to Alternate duplicates phone numbers in 7.94 (BB755024)



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