When PeopleGraph searches for your prospect, they return up to one social media image per email address. However, because it's an image, PeopleGraph can't determine which profile image from a social media account most looks like your prospect. For example, is the picture that returns for a social media account a headshot, group photo, beloved pet, grandchild, or a field of flowers? Instead, PeopleGraph picks the best image based on a formula they developed. The formula to decide which image to return for each email address is based on which account they determine most important. Therefore, the social media images that return may not be what you consider most important in the prospect research world.

We recommend you review the images and delete those that are not applicable. However, just like other data from WealthPoint, it can return on your next wealth screening. If there is an image that captures the prospect well, you can easily use the image as your main profile image or save to your computer. When you scroll through the images that return, click Use as main profile image to quickly update the constituent's main profile image. The old constituent image deletes and is replaced by the new one from your WealthPoint screening.