This error means that an update to the Sustaining Gift from Luminate Online is trying to synchronize to LCRM, but the amount received is out of sync between the two systems. Please note that only gifts processed online are included in this comparison; offline gifts in LCRM are not included in the "Amount Received" calculations.

The steps to resolve the error are as follows:

  1. Confirm that all of the payments for the recurring gift have synced to LCRM. If not, resolve any QPM errors on the transactions and confirm that they have synced to LCRM
  2. Once all payments have synced to LCRM, confirm that the Amount Received field on the Recurring Gift in LCRM matches the amount in Luminate Online
  3. Rebuild the StaleLastSuccessfulTransactionID error(s) for the gift

If the errors return even if the Amount Received field in LCRM matches the Amount Received shown in Luminate Online, you will need to review the recurring gift payments in LCRM to determine the source of the discrepancy. The "Amount Received" value for LCRM refers only to online gift payments; offline gifts (cash, check) are not included in the total for the synchronization comparison.

A recurring gift payment in LCRM must meet the following criteria to be considered an online gift:

  1. Payment Type is Credit Card, ACH or XCheckout
  2. ExternalId is not blank and references the correct Luminate Online transaction. This field should not be manually edited - please contact Support for assistance with this field
  3. The donation in a Closed/Won stage, such as “Received”
  4. The donation is not a stub gift. Stub gifts are indicated by the description "Donation created as a placeholder by the Luminate CRM integration to keep balances synchronized. The donation will synchronize from Luminate Online and remove this description. If this description has been in place for longer than 48 hours, check Queue Problem Management in Luminate Online for errors related to this donation."