Steps to duplicate:
1. Log into the NetCommunity Plugin in Raiser's Edge 
2. Click on the Fundraiser transaction, and click Process Now
3. Note that the transaction remains in the Fundraiser Transaction section of the NetCommunity Plugin

Fundraiser transactions will not process if the:
1. Fund is inactive
2. The Sign Up Request has not been processed
3. If the Fundraiser Part in NetCommunity is set to assign a constituent code, this code must be active in Raiser's Edge

To reactivate the fund:
1. Log into Raiser's Edge 
2. Click Records
3. Select Funds
4. Search for the Fund in question, being sure to include inactive funds in the search
5. Uncheck the "Inactive" checkbox

To regenerate a Sign Up Request, please see BB397496

To reactivate a Constituent Code: 
1. Log into the Raiser's Edge 
2. Click on Config > Tables
3. Highlight Constituent Codes
4. Mark the code as Active