1. Export your desired .mdb file from The Raiser's Edge
    1. In The Raiser's Edge, navigate to the Export module
    2. Open the Export linked to the Custom Report
    3. Click the Export Now button
    4. Save the .mdb file to your desired location
    5. Click Save and Close on the export
  2. Re-configure the datasource location in your .rpt file in Crystal Reports
    1. Open your .rpt file in Crystal Reports
    2. In the top toolbar in Crystal Reports, select Database>Set Datasource Location
    3. In the Replace with panel, select Create New Connection>Database Files
    4. Browse to the exported .mdb file created in Step 1
    5. Select the .mdb file 
    6. Click the Update button (located to the right of the Replace with panel)
    7. In the Current Data Source panel (located at the top of the window), scroll down and look for Subreport
      • If there are subreports in this report, select the .mdb file for the subreport and click Update on the right
    8. Click Close
    9. Refresh the report
    10. Save and close the .rpt file
  3. Re-run the custom report in The Raiser's Edge