Login to CMS -> Content Types -> Select your content type -> Properties.
Edit the "Display Templates" section and hit "Source" on an existing template you want to update, or create a new one.
Access the Insert Template Field Tool (Add component):
In the Display Templates section:
Click New template for a new template.
Click Properties on an existing template.
Enter or confirm the name of the template, and create or save the template.
In the Content Editor toolbar (Visual Editor enabled), click the Insert Template Field icon. Choose from any of the standard field options, but for expired pages select:
d Expiration Date
- Choose the date and time format from the Format options Edit the field in your template.
Click Save.

When you create a new content page with this list type, filtered on the folders you are looking to review, it will then produce a list page that will show the scheduled expiration dates for all the containing folders.

Additional information and options for fields that can be used in this way can be found here