Error: This organization cannot be converted to an individual because it has at least one relationship with phone numbers

This message prompt prevents users from converting organization constituents to individual constituents after upgrading to 7.94.
Beginning in version 7.94, Individual to Individual relationships (both are constituents) cannot have relationship specific telephone numbers. If converting an Organization record to an Individual record would violate that condition, this message prompt will appear. This prompt will not allow the conversion to complete. The phone numbers on the relationship records will need to be cleaned up before being able to proceed with the conversion.

1. With the organization record open, go to the Relationships tab.
2. Review any individual relationships that may be present.
3. Remove any contact information that is owned by the individual relationship record and place it on the individual's constituent record, if desired.
4. Attempt to convert the organization to an individual record again.

Alternative solution:
1.  Create the new individual constituent manually and enter the desired information
1.  Use import to create the new individual constituent



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