First, locate the Event ID for your Kintera Thon. This ID can be found after the ievent= in the web address for your Kintera Thon. Next, locate the ID for your standalone webpage. This can be found by navigating to the URL of the standalone webpage, and noting the ID after the ccp= or the cid=.
  1. Navigate to Communities>Special Events>Friends Asking Friends>Kintera Thon
  2. Hover over and select Website Info
  3. Click Website Design
    • If you have an existing callout button, proceed to the next numbered step
    • If you need a new callout button, select a new number from the Callout Button How Many? dropdown, in the new Callout Button dropdown, select Custom
  4. Paste the following URL into the Callout Button URL box:
  5. Enter the event ID and the standalone webpage ID into the corresponding XXXXX areas
  6. Click Save
  7. Navigate back to the Webinfo Checklist and click Publish This Event Now