To add a new vendor once you have already printed or efiled your final copies, you must choose to Correct Completed 1099s. In the 1099 grid, it will show all vendors successfully submitted, but it will recognize which vendors you make adjustments to and/or which vendors have been added. When a vendor is added, you will notice the row number for the vendor turns blue.

Please follow the steps below on the workstation where you originally completed 1099s in order to add an additional vendor. If you are hosted, this may be completed on any workstation:

1. In Accounts Payable, Click Mail > Forms > 1099 forms
2. If you do not have a saved parameter, click New from the action bar.
3. Choose to Generate 1099s for Last calendar year.
Note: You do not need to mark the box for Corrected return.
4. Enter your Contact information.
5. Click Display Report to access the 1099 History File Options window.
Note: If Aatrix has published any updates, you will be prompted to update at this point. Choose Automatic update to allow the process to run. Once the update completes and you click Close, it will take you to the 1099 History File Options window.
6. In the 1099 History File Options, click the Correct Compeleted 1099s radio button from the list of Available Actions.
7. Click Next.
8. In the Correction Options window that displays, choose appropriate options for what has been distributed and click Continue.
Note: This determines which documents must be produced.
9. In the Preparer Grid that opens, right-click within the column with the Row numbers and choose Insert to add new vendors or choose remove to remove a vendor.
Note: If removing a vendor, proceed to step 12. 
10. Choose how many rows (1 per vendor) you need to insert.
Note: These will be added to the bottom of the grid.
11. In the newly added rows, enter the vendor information to report mirroring how the data was entered for previously entered vendors.
12. Once all information is entered, click Next step and check the items mentioned in the blue header. After checking 5 items, it will display the Wizard.
13. Continue through Wizard selecting the appropriate options for Divider Sheets and reviewing the documents it plans to produce. Click next to move on to the following step.
14. Once the first report displays, review information and choose to Print Final.
Note: In the yellow toolbar, it will display how many reports there are to be produced (e.g Report 1 of 5 will show Copy B first then Copy A, 1096, Instructions for 1099, and finally Copy C).
15. Click Next Step to move on to the next report. Clicking Next Step in the final report will close the Wizard and return you to the grid.

Note: If you had efiled, you will be directed to the efile center. The efile center will know to only charge you for the additional vendor(s).