Marking the Specify all registrants later or Register later checkbox in an Event Registration Form does not hide the corresponding registrant fields

When registering for an event online using an Event Registration Form part type, if a Category is selected in Step 1 that uses the Allow anonymous feature, then additional checkboxes to Specify all registrants later or Register later appear for each individual registrant in Step 2.  Marking these checkboxes collapses the individual registrant fields, so that the online registration may be completed without providing the details of each individual registrant after the first registrant.  Sometimes, marking these checkboxes may not hide those fields.

We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Alternative solution:

  1. Edit the Event Registration Form part
  2. Select the Language tab
  3. Select Registration in the Category drop-down field 
  4. Remove any apostrophe or single-quotation mark characters from the Text column for Item Name Register all later
Note: The values in the Text column can be different for each supported language in the Language drop-down control to the right of the Category drop-down control.  If your Blackbaud NetCommunity site supports multiple languages, check the Text column for each supported language.

Steps to Duplicate

When registering as an individual: 
  1. Start the event registration form that allows anonymous registrants
  2. In Step 1, enter a Quantity that will generate more at least 2 individual registrants and click Continue
  3. In Step 2, mark the checkboxes labeled Register later in all individual registrant field sets 
  4. Notice that the fields to not hide for the registrant
When registering as an organization: 
  1. Start the event registration form that allows anonymous registrants
  2. Mark the checkbox labeled Register as organization 
  3. Click Continue
  4. Mark the checkbox labeled Specify all registrants later in the field set for Registrant 1
  5. Notice that the fields do not hide


 Blackbaud NetCommunity
 6.58.806 patch 6

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