How to update the Cybersource Security Key or SOAP Tool Kit key in Altru

The Merchant Account, Cybersource assigns organizations security keys that have expiration dates. These keys need to be updated in Altru when Cybersource assigns a new key.  
  1. Go to the Revenue Section of Altru
  2. Click on Blackbaud Payment Service Merchant Accounts under Configuration
  3. Click on the double green arrows next to the CyberSource Merchant Account
  4. Click Edit
  5. In the Edit Merchant Account Screen near the bottom there is an Additional Fields tab. Click on that.
  6. Here you should see your Security Key in the Value field
  7. Click on the edit Icon and paste your new Security key in
  8. Click Save
  9. Click Save again to close the window
Your security key is now updated. 



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