Unlike other data sources in WealthPoint, when you perform a WealthPoint screen for social media information, you are not returning results from a Target Analytics database. Instead, we're using PeopleGraph's API to search and return results directly from them. Therefore, when PeopleGraph updates its database, it will be immediately available to you the next time you perform a WealthPoint screen.  

PeopleGraph's method in which they acquire the social media data is proprietary.  At this time we cannot for sure say why results do or do not return even with all known email addresses.  However, just as with wealth data, if prospects do not want their social media information shared, most services enable users to voluntarily implement strict privacy settings. And, users are allowed to change their privacy settings at any time so your results may change based on user preferences.

Those who do return large amounts of data hold even more value over other prospects because they likely have invested much time in developing their online network, influence, and outreach.  You should consider developing a relationship with those who return high ratings and large numbers of accounts because they may be great candidates for furthering the message of your organization.