Duplicate email and/or phone entries on relationship record after 7.94 upgrade

You may see replicated phone numbers on your individual constituent to organization constituent records.  This is the result of the removal of phone sharing that previously existed in The Raiser's Edge versions 7.93 and below.  Beginning in version 7.94, any phone numbers or email addresses that were marked as Shared in 7.93 will now appear on relationship records for individual to organization relationships.  
In The Raiser's Edge 7.94, there is no longer Shared Phones or relationship-specific phone numbers for relationships. As a result, any relationship-specific phone information was copied to the relationship record so that it would not be lost. The additional Phone Numbers and Email Addresses that may appear on the relationship records are coming from any relationship-specific phone information entered on Relationships and their corresponding Reciprocal Relationships.  

The images below are a side-by-side view of the same relationship record in 7.93 and after the update in 7.94:

Kyle side by side

In version 7.94, Kyle Bell's individual relationship for AAA Concrete has a Business phone number that appears 3 different times (808-779-2015).

Kyle Telephones 794

These entries are coming from:
  1. Kyle's constituent record
Kyle Constituent Business 793

  • The individual relationship (Kyle Bell) to the the organization (AAA Concrete)
Kyle Relationship 793 Business

  • The organization relationship (AAA Concrete) to the individual (Kyle Bell)
AAA Relationship 793

To clean this replicated information, you can manually delete the phone number on AAA Concrete's relationship record, and then do the same from Kyle Bell's relationship record.

Kyle Relationship 793




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