Would like to remove "How would you like your tickets delivered?" or delivery method from web forms

If your organization does not require eTickets or Tickets to attend events, your patrons may be confused by having to select a delivery method during an online sale. Follow the instructions in this Knowledgebase to remove Delivery method completely from all Altru web forms. 
  1.  First, you will need to make Will Call the default delivery method for online sales. This will ensure the patron does not receive an eTicket
    1. Go to Tickets > Sales Methods
    2. Click Online Sales
    3. On the Delivery Methods Tab, click the drop down arrows beside Will Call. 
    4. Click Set as Default. 
    5. To remove eTicket, click the drop down arrows beside eTicket and click Remove.
  2. Now that there is only one default delivery method, we can remove delivery method (or "How would you like your tickets delivered?") from web forms entirely 
    1. Go to Web > Page Designer
    2. Go to Colors and Styles
    3. Under Advanced Colors and Styles, click Edit style sheet
    4. Scroll to the very bottom of your style sheet and add this line of code to the CSS Style Sheet as the last line: 
      #divDeliveryMethod {display:none;}

    5. This will remove the delivery method from web forms. 
Important Note: This is considered a customization to your Altru web forms and is not supported. In the future, if you would like patrons to choose from delivery methods, it is your organization's responsibility to remove this code from your CSS Style Sheet. 



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