Errors running Bank Checker on a record

 Once Bank Checker has been installed on a workstation, ensure the BankValidator.dll file has been registered in the plugins folder.
If errors still occur when running the plugin, check the following:


  1. Exit and Sign out of Raiser’s Edge
  2. Locate the path to the checker.dll file and copy the path
  3. Right click on computer and select properties
  4. Select Advanced system settings
  5. On Advanced tab click on Environment Variables
  6. Under System Variables click on Path and Edit
  7. Go to the end of the line of data and enter a ; then paste the checker.dll path
  8. Press OK to exit out
  9. Log back into Raiser’s Edge and open a constituent record
  10. Go to the Bank button on Bio1
  11. If no bank data is present, enter a sort code then press the Bank Checker icon at the top
  12. This should find the bank to select from a list


 RE 7.94.6109.0

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