Search fields include Last/Org Name, First Name, Constituent ID, SSN, Membership ID (if Membership module is installed), Bank Acct. No., Address lines, City, State, Zip, Class Of (if Alumni module is installed), Credit Card No.

To improve search results and prevent creation of duplicates, use the following options:

    • Mark the Display inactive constituents or Display deceased constituents checkboxes to include constituents marked as inactive or deceased in the search results.
    • Mark the Check spouse name, Check aliases, Check contact name, and Check nickname checkboxes if you want this information to be searched when the program looks for records that meet your criteria. For example, if you specify the First name Charlie, and mark the Check nickname checkbox, constituents with either the first name or nickname of Charlie are included in your search results.

      Note: These fields are grayed out until information is entered in to the Last/Org name or First Name fields.
    • Mark the exact match only option to remove records that do not match the criteria exactly. For example, if searching by constituent ID, mark this option to limit results to constituents with the specific constituent ID.