The following are standard required fields for each record type:
  • Action records: Action Category

  • Appeal records: Description and Appeal ID

  • Campaign records: Description and Campaign ID

  • Constituent records: Last Name, Address Type

  • Event Record: Event name, ID

  • Fund records: Description and Fund ID

  • Gift Records:  Gift Type, Gift Date, Gift Amount (Value for Stock/Property and Gift-in-Kind gifts), Fund Description, Post Date, Post Status

  • Job Record (optional module): Job description

  • Membership Record (optional module): Membership category, Date joined, expires

Note: This list is not an all-inclusive list of all required fields in The Raiser's Edge. It is a list of the default required fields in each of the record types found on the Records page. These are the minimum fields that need to be added in order to save a record. Your organization may have set other fields to be required. When adding certain fields to a record, you may have additional default required fields. For example, when adding a notepad to a constituent record, the Date and Type fields for the Notepad become required in order to save the notepad and the constituent record.