The Suppress If Duplicated property prevents a field value from printing if it is identical to a duplicate of the value that comes immediately before it.

The value does not print, but the space in which it would have printed remains.


  1. In the Crystal report, highlight the desired field.

  2. Click the right mouse button and choose Format Field.

  3. Mark "Suppress if Duplicated" and click OK.

  4. Refresh the report data.


Insert a group section and place duplicated fields in that group section.  For example, if a constituent's name and address is duplicated if multiple constituency codes exist, insert a group for the Sort Key field:


  1. From the Insert menu select Group and select the field Constituent.Sort Key

  2. In the Sort Key Group Header section, place the constituent fields that are duplicating (constituent name and address)

  3. The constituency code fields should remain in Details since each constituent can have multiple values


  1. Create a subreport containing the fields that have more than one entry per record.
  2. Link the subreport to the main report.