There are two ways to create reports of notepad information.

The first method is to create a profile in RE:Profiles and select the Notes field as one of the Categories to Include. It is now possible to preview or print the notepad information for the records for which the profiles are being created.

The second method allows customized placement and format of the Notes field using Crystal Reports for Blackbaud.

  1. Use RE:Export to create the data file that includes the fields to use in the report (e.g., Constituent Name, Notepad Date, Type, and Notes).

  2. Use a single set of parameters for all fields.

  3. Export the file in MS Access Report Writer Database format for Raiser's Edge 6 and Blackbaud Report Writer Database format for Raiser's Edge 7.

  4. In Crystal Reports, select to create a new custom report.

  5. Select Data File and locate the exported data file.

  6. Select all tables.

  7. On the Design screen, select Insert, Group from the menu bar.

  8. Group on the field Constituent Name.

Following the same steps, create a second group based on Notepad Type. Using two groups creates a report grouped first by Constituent Name and then by Notepad Type. Once the groups are created, complete the report by adding any other fields that are wanted on the report.