To sort the grid on a specific tab: 
  1. Open the appropriate record from Records
  2. Select the appropriate tab
  3. Click the header of the column to sort by that column. If it is sorted ascending, it shows an up arrow in that column header. If it is sorted descending, it shows a down arrow in that column header. To sort the opposite way, click the header again.  

Arrow to show sort option selected

Note: This does not work on for all grids. For example, it does not work on the constituency code grid on the Bio 2 tab of a constituent record. 

 For example, to sort the gifts grid on the Gifts tab of a constituent record by date in descending order (newest gift to oldest):

  1. Open the appropriate constituent record
  2. Select the Gifts tab
  3. Click the Date box in the header header row. If it is sorted ascending (showing an up arrow and sorted oldest to newest), click Date again.  

 For The Researcher's Edge only, there is another way to set the default sorting of a grid:

  1. Right-click on the grid and select Columns
  2. Choose the fields to display
  3. Click Next
  4. Choose the fields to sort by
  5. Click Finish