Use the Honor/Memorial Acknowledgment Letters mail task to create an export file that contains the information you want to include in a mail merge letter. This Mail option is only available if you have purchased RE:Tribute. Here are the steps:

  1. In Mail, Letters, highlight Honor/Memorial Acknowledgement Letters in the treeview and click New Honor/Memorial Acknowledgement Letters.
  2. On the General tab:
    • Click Include to select a base group of acknowledgees or gifts (based on a Query) for which you want to create honor/memorial acknowledgement letters or select one person.
    • In the Include gifts with these dates frame, select a date or date range to limit the gifts that are included in the export file.
    • Mark options and checkboxes in the Soft Credit Gifts To, Include these Constituents, and Credit Matching Gifts To frames according to the information you want to include in the export file.
    • Mark Create output query to create a query of the records included in the export file. 

    Note: If not all acknowledgements print, refer to Not all acknowledgees print from Honor/Memorial Acknowledgement Letters.

    For more information, review:

    • On the Fields to Include tab, select fields by highlighting them in the Available Fields frame and using the arrows to move them into the Fields to Export frame. As you select fields, use the Options button to further define how the field is exported. If you want to merge one letter per acknowledgee listing all of the gifts received within the parameters of the Mail function, select to send one letter to each acknowledgee per tribute and enter the number of gifts to consolidate. Otherwise, the system exports one record per gift. Select Per Gift to create a letter per gift or Per Tribute to create one letter with the names of each donor to that tribute.
    • On the Filters tab, select any filters that apply to the export file.
    • On the Gift Types tab, select the gift types that you want to include in the export file.
    • On the Attributes tab, you can include or exclude records on the basis of constituent or gift attributes. You can also select to add, update, or delete attributes for the records included in the export file.
    • In the Ind. Address and Org. Address tabs, select what address to include in the export file.
    • On the Format tab, you can select how to format and sort the fields included in the export file.
    • Click Export to begin the export process. The Export dialog appears.
    • Select the export file type, name and destination for the export file.
    • Mark the option to create a Control Report. The report lists the name and location of the export file, the number of records and the names of the fields included in the file.