A constituent record does not need to be a donor or prospect. A separate record should be considered if the spouse, child, business, other relationship or participant record has his own unique relationship to your organization or the information needing to be tracked cannot be housed on just the relationship or participant record. For example, the relationship donates to your organization or is a volunteer.

If you do not want to solicit the spouse record, do one or more of the following:
  • Add a solicit code of 'Do not solicit' and exclude these records from mailings.
  • Unmark the 'Send mail to this address' checkbox for each of the addresses.
  • Ensure that the main record is marked as Head of Household. When running a mailing, select to mail to only constituents marked as head of household.
  • Consider unmarking the 'Inactive' checkbox to easily exclude them from reports.
  • Consider adding a special constituent code. For example, if you need to track additional information about event participants so you create a constituent record, add a constituent code of 'Event participant only'.
Note: The fields above are also easily queried on, allowing you to easily include or exclude these records from mailings, reports, exports, etc. Also refer to How to add a relationship, including spouses, as a constituent (BB6484)