The accounts and projects are unique to your organization. Consult your auditor or accountant and projects for the exact accounts your organization should use. Refer to What debit and credit accounts are used for funds and campaigns when posting to the General Ledger? for a list of guidelines.

To add the credit and debit account numbers for a fund:

  1. In Records, Funds, open the appropriate fund record.
  2. Select the GL Distributions tab.
  3. Enter the appropriate debit and credit accounts (and project ID if appropriate) for each gift type of that fund. If a gift type needs to have multiple debit and credit account numbers for the fund, click the Insert Subtype button and select the appropriate gift subtypes. to use for that fund. Each gift subtype selected may have different credit and debit account numbers.

    Note: If General Ledger is present and interfaced with The Raiser's Edge you can:

    • Perform an account look-up by placing the cursor in the account number, or project ID, field and pressing F7. Otherwise, you must enter the appropriate account number manually.
    • Distribute to multiple accounts or projects for each gift type
      • To enter multiple accounts, place the cursor an account field of the appropriate gift type and click Accounts at the bottom of the grid. Enter the appropriate account distribution and click OK.
      • To enter multiple projects, place the cursor the project field of the appropriate gift type and click Projects at the bottom of the grid. Enter the appropriate project distribution and click OK.


  • The project (and account) distribution is unique to each gift type. You may have some gift types distributed to a single project and other gift types distributed to multiple projects.
  • Each gift type's distribution must be distributed 100%.