Note: Support for Admissions and Registrar's Office 6 ended December 31, 2008. The Education Edge, version 7 of our school management software, is a benefit of your Blackbaud maintenance plan. We offer several customizable options to help you convert to The Education Edge. Please contact your account manager.

  1. Open Report Cards and Transcripts to export the data

  2. On the Attendance tab, select to export selected attendance categories - one for absences and another for tardies

  3. Mark the Breakdown by Term checkbox

  4. Export the data file to be used in Crystal Reports

  5. Create a new custom report to be used as an attendance subreport in the main report card.  This is where all attendance information will be placed.

  6. Insert a group by Student.SortName

  7. Select Insert, Formula Filed from the menu bar and create four new formulas:

    absences in Fall

    if ({StudentAttend.Term}="Fall" and {StudentAttend.Category}="Absences") then {StudentAttend.Count}

    tardies in Fall

    if ({StudentAttend.Term}="Fall" and {StudentAttend.Category}="Tardies") then {StudentAttend.Count}

    absences in Spring

    if ({StudentAttend.Term}="Spring" and {StudentAttend.Category}="Absences") then {StudentAttend.Count}

    tardies in Spring

    if ({StudentAttend.Term}="Spring" and {StudentAttend.Category}="Tardies") then {StudentAttend.Count}

    NOTE: Fall, Spring, Absences, and Tardies are all user defined fields.  Browse Field Data to insert the correct term and attendance category into the formula.

  8. Place the formulas in the Details section of the report

  9. Right-click on each formula and select Insert Summary

  10. Insert a maximum of the field and sort/group it by Group #1 - Student.SortName.  A new, summarized field will be placed in the Group Footer #1 for each formula.

  11. Suppress Group Header #1, Details, Page Header, Page Footer, Report Header, Report Footer.

  12. Create two new formulas to total absences and total tardies:

    absences for Fall and Spring

    Maximum ({@absFall}, {Student.Name})+Maximum ({@absSpring}, {Student.Name})

    tardies for Fall and Spring

    Maximum ({@tarFall}, {Student.Name})+Maximum ({@tarSpring}, {Student.Name})

    NOTE: @absFall, @absSpring, @tarFall, and @tarSpring are names of the absence and tardy formulas created in Step 3.

  13. Place the two total formulas in the Group Footer section of the report with the individual totals for each attendance category for each term

  14. Insert the attendance report as a subreport into the main report card