Try the following in order until the issue has been resolved:

  1. Review the Batch Validation or Pre-post Report. Determine which transactions failed batch validation. The exception is listed beneath the problem transaction in bold.
    Note: In Journal Entry, the cursor goes to the date field causing the error.
  2. If possible, change the post date of the transaction, application transaction, or reversal transaction to a valid, open fiscal year.
    Notes If the Post date field is grayed out on the invoice because the invoice is paid, edit the post status or post date to correct the post date.
  3. If the post date is correct or cannot be changed, follow the instructions below:
    1. In General Ledger Configuration, select Fiscal Years.
    2. If the Fiscal Year does not exist, create a new fiscal year.
    3. If the Fiscal Year exists and is soft closed, reopen the soft-closed period.
    4. If the Fiscal year is hard closed, restore to a back up from before the fiscal year was closed.
      Note: Data entered after the last backup was made will not be in the database after the restore. This also requires running the hard close of that fiscal year again.
    5. If the Fiscal period is open, mark the checkbox to close it, save the fiscal year, then unmark the checkbox to open the period again.
  4. Exit and sign out and then log back in.
  5. Create new post parameters using the same parameters defined in the existing post parameter.

Note: In Journal Entry, if the period is open and the error persists, create a new batch with the same transactions and delete the problem batch.