The Raiser's Edge (US version):
  1. Open the affected gift record and review the following fields: 
    • Receipt: Change the Receipt field from Receipted to Not Receipted. 
    • Receipt Date: To use the currently entered date (when the receipt was issued prior), leave the date in the field. To change the date to when the receipt is reprinted, delete the date or enter the desired date.
    • Receipt Number: To reprint with the current number, leave the number in the field. To generate a new number on the reprint, delete the number.
  2. Save and close the gift record.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for any additional gift records.
  4. Navigate to Mail > Receipts. 
  5. Open the desired receipt parameter and set up as follows:
    • Click the Include button, select One record, and search for the constituent record, 
    • Enter the gift date and any other information that will isolate the one gift.
  6. Run receipts

The Raiser's Edge (Canadian version):