We recommend a dedicated database server, especially with high user loads and activity. No mission-critical databases or other client/server applications should run on the same server. Refer to the The Raiser’s Edge 7 system requirements for more information.

Although it is acceptable to have SQL Server and The Information Edge components on the same server as the Raiser's Edge 7 database there are a some specific considerations.

The first thing to consider is performance. If the server receives a large amount of traffic for one database, the other database(s) may suffer slower performance. In this case (and it would be more of a worst case scenario) it is more likely to see Raiser's Edge 7 cutting into the performance of the The Information Edge then the other way, but it could happen in either direction. We also suggest to create the RE_Express data mart and refresh it while Raiser’s Edge 7 is not being used as if Raiser’s Edge 7 is being heavily used at the same time you may find this process slow.

The other thing to consider is that when you install Microsoft SQL Server you will be prompted to reboot the server at different times, causing down time for the Raiser's Edge 7 users operating on same server.