Reports are double-spaced when exporting to an Excel 8.0 XLS format

Reports are double-spaced or have spaces between columns.
Reports are not exporting cleanly to Excel
Report columns shift when exporting to Excel
NOTE: The best way to ensure formatting is not lost when exporting is to export using the Crystal 8.5 format

The Excel format requires more precise report formatting than other export formats in order to export properly. Excel is the most difficult format to export correctly, so it is very important that the report is designed these guidelines to prevent any misinterpretation by the Excel exporting when performing the export.

Tips for Exporting to Excel:

1. Try exporting to both Excel and then Excel extended format, to see which works better. Often exporting to "extended" format resolves the issue of blank rows between lines of data.

2. When exporting to Excel - extended format, experiment by first selecting the "tabular" option in the 'Format Options' dialog box, then try exporting again, this time selecting "non-tabular". This can prevent columns from switching positions, or blank columns from inserting randomly on the spreadsheet.

3. When exporting to Excel - extended format, you can set the column width based on the fields in a certain section (in the 'Set Column Width' section of the 'Format Options' dialog box). Select this option, making sure to set to the report section containing the most data (such as the Details or a Group Footer sections).

If no particular section contains the majority of the report data, select the 'Constant Column Width' option and experiment with widths.

An example of the settings for exporting the Balance Sheet from General Ledger:

1. Before exporting, on the Format tab in the header section, unmark all check boxes available to streamline the export.
2. When exporting, choose Excel 8.0 Extended to export the most information

3. In the extended options - 
Column Headings
Use worksheet functions as subtotal fields in the report
Set Column Width: Constant
Format: Non-Tabular
4. Click OK to export


 7.20.181, patch 0

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