Implemented in version 7.80.1122.1.  Download the latest version from our website.
  1. On the Bio 1 tab of an individual constituent record, click Declaration Information
  2. If a Declaration already exists where the Pays Tax is different than the new Declaration to be added, highlight the existing Declaration and click Open.
  3. Populate the Ends date with the day before the new Declaration starts.  If required, populate the Status and Comments fields to confirm this Declaration has now ended, then Save and Close.
  4. See How to Add a Gift Aid Declaration for the steps to then add a new Declaration.
  5. Repeat these steps when new Declarations are received for the donor.

When adding an Ends date to an existing Declaration the Pays Tax field should not be changed because that is the correct Pays Tax value between the start and end dates of the declaration being amended.

See for a short demonstration along with the steps to add a Pays Tax = No declaration, if required 
See for a short demonstration with the steps to add a Pays Tax = Yes declaration.