Try each of the following steps in order until the error is resolved:
  1. Save the Crystal report (.RPT) and data file (.MDB) in a location that all workstations can access
  • Link all tables in the report to the same database file location
    1. Open the report in the Crystal Report program
    2. In Crystal Reports XI: Go to Database > Set Datasource Location to update the data source (BB406610) to the correct .MDB file.
      In Crystal Reports 8.5, Go to Database > Set Location to update the data source (BB17127) to the correct .MDB file
    3. Select Database > Verify Database
    4. Click Yes to any prompts. If prompted for the location again, double-click the .MDB file
    5. Refresh the report (Report > Refresh Report Data)
    6. If the report previews without error, save the report
    7. Add the newly saved .RPT file to the Custom Report in The Raiser's Edge/Education Edge/Financial Edge
  • Create a new .MDB file:
    1. Open the Export in The Raiser's Edge/Education Edge/Financial Edge
    2. Click Export Now
    3. Choose a different file name and click Save
    4. Open the report in Crystal Reports program
    5. In Crystal Reports XI: Go to Database > Set Datasource Location to update the data source (BB406610)
      In Crystal Reports 8.5: Go to Database > Set Location to update the data source (BB17127)