The primary goal of The Information Edge (TIE) is to help you make informed decisions faster as a result of high speed, interactive data reporting and analysis.

Blackbaud's comprehensive Information Edge extracts data from transactional and operational programs (including The Raiser's Edge), manipulates the data, and quickly displays it back in significant ways.


The Information Edge enables Management Reporting by making it easy to navigate though huge amounts of data and delivering a high-level view of your organization.

The simplified data structure of TIE makes fast custom reporting easier. It can deliver most responses in seconds, with even the most complicated reports taking no more than approximately twenty seconds. TIE is also analytical. Using
online analytical processing (OLAP) it can handle any business logic and statistical analysis relevant to your organization, and present the data in a way that can be easily understood.


The Information Edge is Multi-Dimensional. It can organize data into meaningful business

structures such as constituents, products, regions, and time.

TIE provides a multidimensional conceptual view of the data, allowing diverse bits of information to be cross-tabulated against each other to provide matrix reporting and graphs. This includes the use of hierarchies that enable you to drill-down from one level to another (for example, State into City).

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