• The Actual vs. Target Report provides a comparison of the target amount with the amount the donor has actually given within a specified date range.

  • The target amount is pulled from the Bio 2 tab of the constituent record.

    This report provides target and actual giving information for all constituents or for a selected query. A start date, end date, or date range can be selected.

  • The report includes constituent name and address, target amount, and actual amount given. A telephone number can be included.

  • Non-donors are not included in the Actual vs. Target Report.

    Note: If no target amount is entered on the Bio 2 tab of the constituent record, the word Unknown appears in the target amount column.

To run the report:
  1. Select Reports, Analytical Reports, Actual vs. Target Report
  2. On the General tab, include All Records or a selected query
  3. Select specific criteria to narrow the report (e.g., gift types, funds, and campaigns)
  4. Enter the appropriate parameters on each of the tabs. This report can be run with or without a query, no dates or selected date range, all or selected campaigns, appeals, funds, constituencies, attributes, or gift types.
  5. Once all parameters are set, click the print preview icon to process the report