1. In Banks, click Edit Account Details, and select the Adjustment Categories tab.
2. On the action bar, click New Category.
3. In the Category field, enter a category for the new adjustment.
4. In the Date field, select a <Today>, <Current Period Start>, <Current Period End>, or <blank>.
5. In the Amount field, enter the amount for this adjustment category.
6. In the Type field, select Deposit, Payment, or Transfer Out.
7. In the Reference field, enter brief information about the adjustment category.
8. In the Post status field, select Not yet posted, or Do not post.
9. In the Post date field, select <Adjustment Date> or <Today>.
10. In the Notes box, enter any additional information about the adjustment category.
11. Click Save and Close to save the adjustment category and return to the Adjustment Categories tab. The new adjustment category appears in the grid.


  1. When adding a new Adjustment record, type in a new value for the Adjustment Category and tab to the next field.
  2. For the prompt, 'Do you want to create a new Category called <value>?', click Yes.
  3. Then follow steps 3-11 to save the Category.
  4. You will then be taken back to the new Adjustment record to complete it.