How to import gifts and split them across campaigns, funds, or appeals

The Raiser's Edge gives users the ability to import gifts and split them between multiple campaigns, funds, or appeals.

Note:These instructions apply to a gift import, which includes one gift per row in the data file. You can also use a split gift import, which includes one split per row in the data file.

Edit the gift import file to specify the amount to be allocated to each of the Funds. The following is a sample layout of a gift import file containing split gift information:


If you also need to include the Campaign or Appeal, include this as Split Gift information also for each of the splits on the gift.  GiftSplitCamp or Gift SplitAppeal
A gift split into two separate Funds would need two extension fields, the first set of "split fields" with an Extension of 00; the second set would have an Extension of 01 in the import setup

Note: The split gift is entered on one line in the import file instead of 2 or more lines
           Enter the Fund ID instead of the Fund Description in the file
           The GFImpID can be left blank or populated with a unique number

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