Try each of the following steps in order until the error is resolved:
    • Ensure the document contains merge fields. If doing a conditional merge, ensure that all of the documents contain merge fields.
    • Do not cut and paste merge fields. Re-insert the merge fields in the document using the Insert Raisers Edge field button. If this occurs for a conditional merge, re-insert the merge fields for each document in the conditional merge.
    • Do not place the merge fields inside a text box. To place a border around the merge fields, use the Draw Table function instead of the text box. To do this, choose Table, Draw Table from within Microsoft Word, which allows you to click and drag your cursor to create a table border.
    • Ensure that the correct conditional field is selected. For example, if the conditional statement is based on the letter code, ensure that the letter code is selected as the conditional field.
    • Ensure that the correct file names for the conditional letters are used in The Raiser's Edge Mail Merge Wizard or in the conditional statement (if manually creating the conditional document).
    • If filtering on the campaign, fund, or appeal ID, filter on the description instead. If filtering on description, filter on ID instead.
    • If merging directly from a record, also ensure that the letter is added in Configuration

      Note: This error often overlaps the No records met specified criteria error. If the above steps do not resolve your issue, also try the steps in Error: No records meet specified criteria when running a function in Mail (BB131762).